Looking to get involved with our festivals?

Apprenticeships are being accepted.

Join us as an Apprentice and see the festival from inside

17 years and up have the opportunity to join our apprentice program, there are many areas you can work in and grow from. We have Set up crews, where you learn the setup processes, working with hand tools, signs, stage sets, parking lot set up, festival layout marking...to helping in costume at the front gate, or assisting the vendors throughout the day, maybe some cleaning here and there.. To shadowing a Cast Member and learn the talent of street performer, To Tear down, clean up, and have the feeling of being a part of something great.

Contact us at info@nmrenceltfest.com

Send a email to info@NMRenCeltFest.com subject: VOLUNTEER please include your contact information, the dates you can volunteer and the date you wish to attend the festival. Your t-shirt size, please supply a working phone number, so we can call you for the training sessions we will have on location.

Thank you for your support and volunteering for our all new festival.


The Festival is set for

April 5th, 6th and 7th 2024

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