fREQUENTLY asked questions


FAQ: Why have another festival?

We've listened to many, and attended a lot of local festivals, and to hear people say "That was a waste of my money". We have heard this from festival go'ers that see a festival they have attended every year and then say, "they seem to grow smaller from one year to the next". This is the main reason we embarked on this journey and adventure.

In Nov 2018, Eric Vigil decided to create a new festival and do it better. Mr. Vigil is the Founder and Director of the NM Renaissance Celtic Festival. New festivals take a great deal of time for logistics, planning the event, booking vendors and entertainers, and finding a sustainable location which the Expo NM has room to grow. Cast and crew and fundraising all need to happen before you ever open the doors.

FAQ: How can I help?

1. Become a lifetime investor, and get involved for as little as $1000 or as much as you want.

2. We will have events that create the story trail to our festival. Please volunteer, sponsor, donate, share, invite others, and offer your talent! or Facebook @NMRCFestival or

This image was taken at the Scots on the Rocks Celtic Festival in Moab UT. Clan march at opening ceremony. (Photo by MissMariahMadeline)